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A.I.M.A. is the acronym of Art, International, Management, Agency. We are a new creative communication agency based in Milan.
A.I.M.A. is a new Italian company connected to the whole world. Our mission is to develop and to look for new business.

We cooperate with experts in various fields.

The work provided by each professional working with A.I.M.A. is the result of a strong passion for innovation and vision of the future.

Aima Team
Riccardo Del Zenero
Chief Executive Officer

r.delzenero@aimabusiness.com | Phone: +39 348 2858561

After 30 years in the IT world, I decided to broaden my horizons, thanks to my skills, I created a successful network.

Davide Del Zenero
Creative Director

d.delzenero@aimabusiness.com | Phone: +39 0249439199

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Founder of A.I.M.A. and Creative Director.

Graduated in Graphic Design & Art Direction at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan (NABA)

I never stop looking ahead.

Andrea Del Zenero
Co-Founder AIMA 3D

andrea.delzenero@aima3d.com | Phone: +39 3349815753

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Co-founder of AIMA 3D.

Experience as a visual merchandiser in an interior lighting company

and passionate about additive manufacturing technology.

I take care of the whole process of realizing your ideas.

Luca Del Zenero
Account Manager

l.delzenero@aimabusiness.com | Phone: +39 3938991458

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Co-founder of A.I.M.A. I attend the public relations and business communication course at the IULM University in Milan.

At the same time I manage the commercial and creative part of the company.

Andrea Manai
Art Director

a.manai@aimabusiness.com | Phone: +39 0249439199 | +39 340 6962904

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I attended the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, graduating in Graphic Design & Art Direction course.

In A.I.M.A. I'm art director and I deal with creativity applied to graphics on several fronts.

Giuseppe Tardi
Co-Founder AIMA 3D
giuseppe.tardi@aima3d.com | Phone: +39 3349439679
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Co-founder of AIMA 3D.

Experience in the telecommunications field with a passion for new technologies. Looking for all that is unique and customizable.

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